Customer Testimonials

What They're Saying About My Work

I appreciate what people have told me about what my photos mean to them and the value of each image. Here are some examples:

"I first saw Mike Murray's photos online and instantly fell in love with his work.

I had some guests coming into town to get married and wanted to do something special for them. I contacted Mike about what I wanted to do for them and he came up with the amazing idea of putting their wedding date and names onto canvas with one of his photos.

The photo of a single bird flying over a lake was absolutely breathtaking! Such vibrant colors; it was absolutely perfect! The bride actually cried when she opened her gift.

I now own eight of his photographs that I proudly display in my home. Mike's photos reflect an unwavering commitment to capturing extraordinary moments. With his approach, he clearly makes a continuous effort — one frame after another — until the desired shot materializes.

His efforts are akin to marathon runners. They don’t focus on the entire race. Instead, they conquer each short segment, one step at a time.

Bravo Mike for what you accomplish and the photographs you create every time you see something."

Jo Ann Jordan Kidikas
Kent, Ohio

“I’ve been enjoying Mike’s photos online for years. His photos have a way of making things very familiar to me more beautiful than I remember. They bring me a lot of joy. He helps me appreciate the beauty around here. I finally own one of “Tree Farm Trail” photos; now I have the beauty in my home. Mike takes an ordinary, familiar landscape and makes it absolutely beautiful.”
Laurie Zahar
Strongsville, OH
“We are thrilled with the bridge picture. WE LOVE IT!”
Cindi Mcllnay
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

“I’m a fan of Mike Murray’s photography because he has an eye for composition. He can capture the depth of a moment, not just the image. I have his work in my home and office.”
Paris Wolfe
Chardon, OH
“Mike’s photo brings me joy to look at. It’s my favorite area to run on the towpath, in Peninsula. Mike made the purchase of the digital image super easy.”
Bryan Warnick
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
“After seeing and admiring Michael’s beautiful work of the CVNP, I was so excited to find out he had these prints in a calendar for purchase!! So of course, I ordered one and I love it so much!! The prints are amazing and high quality!! Ordering was easy with fast shipping!!”
Janelle Couch-Reynolds
Wadsworth, OH
“Mike takes the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder—he makes his subjects look good by using lighting and angles to bring out their best features. Absolutely stunning work.”
Lorna Henderson
Tallmadge, OH
“I’ve followed Mike on Facebook for some time and have ordered calendars for gifts and for me! Beautiful images printed in very high quality on very nice paper! Mike has a natural talent for capturing evocative atmosphere and with great composition.”
Robert Weeks
Wickliffe, OH
“Cuyahoga Valley National Park is one of my favorite places to hike and Mike’s imagery captures it beautifully. He was very responsive to my request and provided my digital image quickly and professionally.”
Cheryl Lace

Bath, OH

Guardians of Traffic

Mark Priebe, who owns Proximity Marketing with his wife, Alison, asked me to get a few shots of the Guardians of Traffic on Hope Memorial Bridge. The Priebes bought four photos — for 2-1/2-foot by 5-foot canvas prints — for their Brunswick, Ohio agency.

Mark shared his thoughts: “With just a brief discussion, Mike produced first-class photos that we’re proud to show everyone who visits our business. If you have a specific shot in mind or just want something else from his creative style, you’ll want to trust his instincts and artistry.”


“I spotted this fantastic print while browsing online for nature photography to add to our home. But it was the ease of ordering and Michael Murray’s professionalism that sealed the deal! Top-notch quality from a local photographer!”
Sagamore Hills
“WOW! Mike, this is amazing!”
Rachael Ekey
Westlake, OH
“Your photos are awesome. Breathtaking!”
Denise Caruso
Brunswick, OH
“I love the photos I bought after Michael agreed to guide a friend and I down a creek to a hidden waterfall. I thoroughly enjoy viewing Michael’s photos. I have personally been to the same locations he shares with social media groups. However, I cannot capture them the way he does. He truly knows the right time of day and vantage point to produce an exquisite photo! Please keep sharing your beautiful photos!”
Sue Milligan Russell
Adventurous Souls Hiking Group, Medina
“I began following Mike’s CVNP photographs on a social media page. Mike’s pictures are easily spotted because they are superior to the others. He captures the lighting, reflections and colors, so many beautiful colors of ALL creation. And the way animals seem to show their personalities to Mike can be, well, comical really. Purchasing a print from Mike was a breeze, as it turns out he’s a great communicator too! Unsure of exactly what I wanted, he sent me a lot to chose from… the hard part was choosing. They were all magnificent! Thank you Mike, for capturing the beauty of the world we share! God bless. #hikingwithhim”
Judy Watkins
Stow, Ohio