About Me

About Me

Discovering and Sharing Moments

I'm grateful for the opportunity to go places others can't and share these perspectives. I like to tell stories through my photos. It's a beautiful world.

When I'm the most successful as a photographer, I take people to a place. For some, it may be a memory. Or an image may inspire a person to make plans for a future destination. Or, one of my photos will simply help someone find peace, stop to reflect on something personal or underscore an appreciation for all the world offers. 

I Get Around

A former journalist, I also have a passion for photography that complements the work I do as a digital marketer. I’ve traveled from Ohio and Washington, D.C. to Punta Cana, Colorado, Oregon and the Sierras.

Many Paths

From natural landscapes and urban buildings to events and personal portraits, I add a creative touch to the common and unusual. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Explore my services and portfolio. Shop online (or please contact me so I can understand your interests). Learn more about Photography Wishes, my way of giving back through the hearts of other amateur and professional photographers who give the elderly and ill photos they can’t get on their own.

Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio (Lake Erie) Willow Tree