I enjoy discovering diverse moments

From river sunrises to majestic mountains and stunning skylines, I can't get enough of photography. Here's a wide selection.


Life can seem busy in cities with traffic and people on the move. Cityscapes also capture urban fingerprints and even a sense of stillness.


Whether you walk into a small setting or a vast space, landscapes can mesmerize. Sometimes they extend an invitation to a world of peace.

People & Pets

People as well as their pets make for some fascinating portraits. Natural lighting and flash both call attention to the details.

Animals and Insects

Animals do the most amazing things. Sometimes they stop in their tracks or fly with ease.

Architecture & Art

From a distance or just a few inches away, architecture commands attention. Each building, statue or other structure took time, care and commitment.


Staying off the beaten path is the best place to roam - in nature and life overall. Here's to the quirky, goofy, peculiar and everything that aspires to be true to itself.